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The Physical Form of Our Music

We set sail on a tour through the desert west with our new album of songs. This is the first album we have made as husband & wife and it was recorded in a way that marks the beginning of a new approach for us in making music - we didn't try to make a perfect sounding record we tried to capture a moment of musicians (great friends) playing live in a space. It is an honest representation of our art. This is 10 Love Songs From Montecito. It was made to be held and hand delivered -This album will only be available in physical form. 

Views From The Studio

The making of this last album was a dream.  All the cogs seemed to fall into the right place. In a fortuitous twist of fate we met a gentleman musician a couple weeks prior to recording.  We chatted about music and told him about the album we were about to embark on.  We still don't quite understand this level of generosity but the man said he would like to help and offered up his own recording equipment with the only caveat that he wanted to see the gear used to make good music. 

So with this gear and a great band we set up in a friend's studio two blocks from our home in the foothills of Sierra Madre.  Our goal was to track live and capture great takes of a band playing together in a room. We shirked a lot of the modern convention in music-making and used the computer like a tape machine.  We ate a lot of great food and drank a lot of whiskey and we recorded a collection of songs that, if nothing else, will serve to bottle a beautiful moment and become our debut album as a duet - 10 Love Songs From Montecito. 

 Studio hound Banjo and "The Gear"
Miss Bridget on the harmonium

Zach sings

Derek being "spooky sparse" on the keys
Jon trying to perfect the chain sound

Neil on the bass guitar 

Billy worshipping mic pres   

Family dinner with the band at Loveless Motel Studio

Mountain West: Home Show Tour Announced

Philosphy of Making & Releasing a New Album


In the next month we are going to be recording our debut Z+B album and this new collection of songs will only be released at our live performances. "Why?" you ask. Well... we're now old enough to be nostalgic for a time when you went to a concert and if you liked the band, the only way to get the music was from the artist right then and there.  There are so many places to stream your music online as an independent artist.  It feels like you labor for months or years on recording and the second you upload it to "said site"  it slips into entropy and dissolves into the gigabytes of noise on the internet.  So, with this next album we want to "marry" our music with the live performance.  As an artistic experiment, we want to throwback to the "indie band days of old" and only have this  "album" (CD and MP3) available for sale at our show. I.E. You have to come buy it out of our thrift store suitcase cause its not on itunes or spotify.  
Help us release this album 
Along with releasing our debut album, we are embarking on a nationwide house concert tour.  As we record this album we are looking for folks who want to host a home concert.  We are set to begin at the end of March in Los Angeles and the route will be determined by those of you who request to host us.  Please help us by:  »REGISTERING TO BE A HOST HERE«   
"What is a home concert?" 
It is simply a performance of our music in a host's home (or unique space).  We have performed home concerts for the last 4 years in tiny spaces, large spaces, next to the ocean and in the mountains - the mark of a good home concert is solely based on the people involved.  

To date, these types of shows have been the most fulfilling performances for us and a beautiful space to honestly share our work.  We are very excited about the home concert movement.  More and more musicians are doing these sorts of shows to skirt the politics of venues. We are passionate about the home concert and we feel these sorts of shows are the future of folk music - or return to the past; however you see it.   » MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HOME CONCERTS «

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